The situation between Zhang Jike and Jing Tian has escalated, and it’s this person named Li Weiao who has pushed everything to the forefront of the internet.

Upon clicking on Li Weiao’s profile, he introduces himself as a “journalist” with 250,000 followers, making him a fairly influential and well-known figure. It’s no wonder that he was able to obtain relevant judicial information regarding Zhang Jike and Jing Tian.

On April 1st, a reporter contacted Zhang Jike regarding the debt and photo sharing allegations, to which Zhang Jike denied any involvement. When pressed further on whether he did not owe any debt or did not share any photos, Zhang Jike hung up the phone.


“At this time, the all-knowing netizens dug up that Zhang Jike gambled in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.”


Li Weiao’s lengthy summary: Zhang Jike owed gambling debts to Mr. S and did not repay them. Before and after this incident, he sent Jing Tian‘s private videos to Mr. S, who then used them to threaten Jing Tian to repay the debt. Jing Tian reported the incident to the police, and Mr. S was sentenced to seven years in prison. In the end, Zhang Jike was not implicated in the incident and only appeared as a “witness”. Recently, he purchased a luxury car, and now that the incident has become public, he plans to sue internet users.


The end result was that Zhang Jike used Jing Tian’s private videos to repay his debt, and the creditor used these videos to extort money from Jing Tian.

Jing Tian is a female celebrity in the midst of a rising career, and using such videos to blackmail her was almost a surefire way to succeed.

Zhang Jike believed that this was a viable way to repay his debt, and the creditor believed that this was the best way to get his money back. The two men agreed to this operation.

However, Jing Tian reported the incident to the police, which was a textbook response to such a situation. The creditor was arrested and sentenced to prison, while Zhang Jike disappeared from the public eye. Jing Tian suffered some psychological trauma, but ultimately did not experience any significant negative effects, and went on to achieve success through her work.


Final summary: Currently, all the rumors circulating online are about AI-generated face-swapping, and there is no real evidence. Think about it, the creditor is already in hot water, so who would leak the videos? Zhang Jike? He’s not that foolish! The incident of Zhang Jike selling Jing Tian’s three private videos is true, but the videos themselves are fake, according to online rumors.